Do you remember….

Where the East Side Used to Be?

SNA joins with the Mt. Hope Neighborhood

Association for our second annual joint neighborhood

History Night on Tuesday, November 24 from 7 to 8:30

p.m. at the Church of the Redeemer, 655 Hope Street.

This time around, we invite neighbors to create their

own history of the East Side by calling on Rhode

Island’s most important navigational aid: our memory

maps of where vanished neighborhood landmarks used

to be. Do you remember the Jenkins Street or Summit

Avenue Schools? Did you shop at Miller’s Deli or Carl’s

Diggin’s? Did you bowl at Down Under Duckpins

(which was where Sullivan’s Lanes used to be)?

Last year’s event on the history of North Main Street

was very well attended. One of the highlights was the

wealth of memories shared by audience members. This

time around, we’ll devote the entire program to

audience participation. Please join us on Nov. 24th for

a lively exploration into remembered neighborhood

stores, schools, restaurants and organizations.

East of Hope Lorimer Blackstone map-99

Ninth-Eighth to Pawtucket maps-97-98

Frost to Pawtucket east of NMS maps-95-961

Frost to Pawtucket east of NMS maps-95-96

Fouth to Nighth-Eighth maps-91-92-93-94

Rochambeau to Fourth maps-88-89-90





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