March 9 -Doug Still, City Forester came to our Annual Meeting to describe the inventory of street trees his Department is doing this year and to ask for volunteers. He also encouraged groups of Summit neighbors to apply for free and low-cost trees through the Providence Neighborhood Planting Program.

Doug has divided the city into 100 survey sections and is seeking one volunteer to lead the survey in each. [NOTE: “Hope”, “Mt. Hope” and “Blackstone” are three of 25 named neighborhoods in Providence, so a survey area could be about one fourth of one of those areas.] He also answered question on our city trees:
– Doug is working with the sidewalk contractors to promote tree-friendly methods and designs as repairs and replacement move forward.
– Trees between the sidewalk and the street belong to the city. Homeowners are encouraged to take care of them, but must apply for a permit to trim or prune them.
– Groups of neighbors may apply to receive free or low-cost trees to plant in the strips through the Neighborhood Providence Neighborhood Planting Program

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