The parking lot of Seven Stars bakery on Hope Street was the site of the final carols.

More than 50 people turned out Sunday night to sing Christmas carols to their neighbors in Summit.

Starting at Miriam Hospital, which provided hot drinks and cookies, about 5 p.m., the merry group, organized by SNA for the first time this year, sang a few non-denominational carols in the cafeteria, then headed up Sixth Street, laughing, and caroling, all the way.

Various residents came out onto their porches in the unseasonably warm night to join in the choral celebration and to call out thanks to the people in the street. The group, westward leading, still proceeding, wished the neighborhood a holly, jolly Christmas along Bayard and Summit, Fifth and Fourth, until a cold rain began to fall about 6:30 p.m.

A final stop was made in the parking lot of Seven Stars bakery and the grand finale of the evening was the Jewish seasonal Dreidel Song. With joyous wishes of “Merry Christmas!” to each other, the carolers dispersed to Hope Street restaurants and shops or home to dinner, vowing to meet again next year.

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Nate Urso · April 7, 2014 at 3:16 pm

Good evening

I am the Deputy City engineer for the City of Providence. I was made aware that the paving plan on this website does not include the latest updates. Is there an e-mail that I can send the latest “pdf” of the paving plan to.



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