Help wanted with Citizens Bank lot upgrades

Are you interested in improving the parking lot of the Citizens Bank on Hope Street?

If so, please join us!

What: An informal, initial meeting of neighbors to discuss potential parking lot improvements (traffic flow, security, landscaping, etc.) to suggest to Citizens. It has come to our attention that Citizens is considering upgrading the parking lot, so this is the perfect time to give our input!

Who: This event is sponsored by the Summit Neighborhood Association. All are invited.

When: Thursday, February 9th at 7pm – 9pm

Where: Rochambeau Library Public Room (Downstairs)

Contact: Jack Templin, 47 Lauriston St., Email:, Phone: 401-709-4433

We look forward to working with you to improve our neighborhood!
Thank you for your support!

Traffic calming – take a deep breath

Those funny lines at corners along Rochambeau, Summit and Hope and the major work along Lorimer is the long-awaited traffic calming project first developed almost five years ago through a series of meetings on each affected street. Councilman Kevin Jackson and SNA worked very hard to get the plans completed and to keep this project on track. However, it has taken much longer than expected to get things underway, so even though SNA has regularly posted updates in our newsletter, it’s not surprising that people have forgotten this was coming.

The City Department of Public Works and the contractor, Narragansett Improvement Company, did not notify us or individual residents (or even Councilman Jackson) that they were beginning work, an oversight they have promised to remedy when they start new sites. Kevin Jackson has shared the schedule (posted below) and a full set of plans. Please call John Bazik at 331-1644 (eves and weekends) if you have questions about the design.

A few clarifications. First, this project was demanded by Summit residents responding to the increased volume and speed of cars traveling through our residential streets. The specific sites and designs were discussed and reviewed at public meetings during 2001. Second, the main purpose of the project is to make our streets safer for people on foot, particularly children. (more…)

Mayor: No Hope St meter plans

May 11 – Mayor Cicilline told a gathering of Summit residents and merchants that he has seen no plans to install parking meters on Hope Street. In April, two SNA volunteers had separately confirmed a report from Miriam’s Monica Anderson that the meters were going in with officials at the Department of Planning and Development. (more…)