SNA Yard sale beats the weather

Tiki - Yard Sale 2006

Hundreds of neighbors and visitors purchased almost $2,000 worth of donated goods at Summit Neighborhood Association’s Annual Yard Saturday, May 20, a week later than originally scheduled due to the torrential rains of the last week.

The results were a fine reward for many weeks of effort by our peerless Yard Sale coodinators Truck Drivin’ Connie Chesbrough and Michelle “The Yard Sale Runs Itself” Tuck. They were backed up by SNA’s large team of volunteer haulers, toters, pricers, sorters and sellers. Thank you all very much.

We owe our success to the many generous neighbors who donated useful and marketable items ranging from a china set to a sectional sofa. Not to mention lots and lots of books, thanks largely to the generous sharing of the Friends of Rochambeau Library.

SNA Yard Sale Postponed to May 20th

Due to the sogginess, the Annual SNA Yard Sale at the Church of the Redeemer was postponed until Saturday May 20th at 9  AM. The weather forecast looks good for Saturday, so please come out, have some fun, find some treasures, and support your neighborhood !

2006 Annual Meeting Q&A

March 9 – After the formalities at our Annual Meeting, we opened the floor to questions for our guests and experts from the city. Here’s what neighbors wanted to know and what we were able to learn about sidewalks, trees, zoning regulations and (more…)

SNA 2006 Annual Meeting Reviews 2005, elects new Board

Thursday, March 9 – About 65 neighbors and guests from government filled the Community Room at Rochambeau Library on Thursday March 9 for Summit Neighborhood Association’s 2006 Annual Meeting. Trees and sidewalks received a lot of attention with City Forester Doug Still on hand and fresh news that some sidewalks in Summit will be repaired this summer was welcomed. (more…)

The Social Web and SNA

We’ve setup a few new “Social Web” tools for SNA members. Members of the SNA group on eventful can add Summit Neighborhood-related events to this online-calendar. These event listings will be viewable on Eventful (as well as several other popular websites should you opt to do so when adding the event.) These SNA-related events will also auto-magically appear here on the SNA website. We’d love to have you help us inform neighbors about upcoming events in the neighborhood, so if you would like to join this group, pls email us so we can send you an invite. Summit is a very photogenic neighborhood and if you use Flickr for your online photo storage, you can easily share your photos with other neighbors by submitting them to the Summit Neighborhood Flickr pool. These pictures will also auto-magically appear here on the SNA website. We think it would be great to hook up with other photographers and share pictures of our neighborhood, so if you would like to join this group, pls email us so we can add you the group.

43Places: Summit is on the map at 43Places. If you’re interested in writing reviews about the neighborhood, its businesses, attractions and restaurants, 43Places is the place to do it. Just visit the Summit Neighborhood page on 43Places and click the “Add a place within Summit Neighborhood.”

Suggestion/comments about these and other Social Web applications would be very much appreciated so don’t hesitate to drop a comment below!

Annual Meeting

Please join us at the Summit Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting.

Thursday March 9th, 2006
7:00 PM
Rochambeau Library


  • Welcome
  • Election of Officers and Board for 2006
  • Doug Still, City Forester
  • Elected Officials
  • Other Invited Guests
  • Community Brainstorming Session
  • Action Teams
  • Adjourn

Who is dumping their oil in Summit?

A neighbor has brought to the Board’s attention what may be a local car service station dumping their used oil on our streets. I checked it out before the snow fell. You can clearly see the stains.
Oil dumping stains Jan 06 - M.Tuck
The neighbor says, and it seems as though, someone in a truck drives up and down the streets with a open bucket just letting the oil drip and pour out. Pouring on east-to-west streets that drain well, Dexterdale and Edgehill, and not pouring on Summit and Camp, which don’t run downhill. (more…)

Public meeting on Summit business tonight – please come!

The Summit Neighborhood Association invites you to a meeting tonight, Wednesday, May 11 at 7P to discuss the current state of neighborhood businesses in Summit and the futures of Hope Street and North Main. The meeting will be held at the Rochambeau Branch Library in the Community Room (downstairs).

– Do you want to see parking meters on commercial streets like Hope?
– What will proposed new zoning rules mean for locally-owned businesses and the character of our streets?
– Will the Sears department store ever be torn down or fixed up?
– What kinds of commercial development would improve the neighborhood? What kinds could harm our quality of life?

Our featured guests
– Michael Vocolla, Vice President of the Procaccianti Group, new owners of the Sears/Anderson Little properties.
– Bonnie Lloyd, a Planner with the City’s Department of Planning and Development
– Tina Wright of Garrison Confections and Dan Goldman of Green River Silver representing the Hope Street merchants.

SNA Yard Sale: Watch Weekend Weather

Will a fast-approaching storm rain out Saturday’s scheduled SNA Yard Sale? SNA’s Yard Sale committee members will decide this afternoon based on the latest forecast and announce the decision on this site by 5PM this afternoon.

Drop-offs will still be accepted at Church of the Redeemer from 6-9pm tonight (Friday)
Truck pick-ups will not take place tonight as scheduled as we won’t rent a truck. Home pickups for large items will take place next Friday evening.
The rain date for the Yard Sale will be next Saturday, May 14, from 9am to 3pm.