Re-opening of the fountain in Lippitt Park

Rather than reiterate what neighbors are saying, here is exactly what they are saying…

Dear Jesse,    I went to the fountain dedication this morning… when we arrived the place was full of people …  sitting on the fountain rim, strolling about,  passing to and from the farmers market… the weather was perfect, not too hot… and the mood alight with the pleasure of summer in the park…

But though there was water in the basin,   it wasn’t running.  And that was because first there were speeches under the tent… when your name was mentioned and mentioned in recognition of your tenacious work and belief in the fountain.

And then the speeches were over, Mayor Tavaras led the countdown. and after a pause the water began to flow down the concave tower into the small basins out the mouths of those wonderful deco faces … and everyone clapped and clapped.

And Jesse,  I couldn’t believe it, but tears came to my eyes… it was like the stone had been brought to life again.

When we left the fountain was still rimmed with children cooling their feet in the water…what a quintessential pleasure, what a memory  of growing up in the city.

So this is to say thank you so much for making it happen… you and all the people who got behind the idea in so many ways.

-Elizabeth Grossman, Summit Neighbor

Congratulations Jesse and all those involved – it is such a beautiful sight

to see a neighborhood come together.   Your effort have not gone  unnoti

ced….and just think of all the pleasure people will receive in years to

come visiting the fountain and enjoying the park.

-Pat  Zacks, Summit Neighbor

Hi Jesse—-Well  your vision for the fountain paid  off-and big time—Although I never had the opportunity to see it  run  previously, I surely did

at the dedication.

I think you, as well as many of the SNA members worked very hard to make

this day of dedication a reality.  I was happy to be of help to you, in a

small way, as well as to  the SNA – trying to  recruit new members just


I think Dean and his crew could not have done better-and I was happy for

the joint effort that so many people has shown.


Howie Gladstone, Summit Neighbor

Congrats Jesse. You should be proud. At long last this beauty is shining again. As a Summit resident I want to thank you for what I’m sure was a ton of hard work.

-Craig Borges, Summit Neighbor

Yard Sale Held May 17

The Summit Neighborhood Association’s annual yard sale was held on May 17, the  rain date. The sun came out before the  9:00 start and with organaizer Connie Chesbrough’s experience and the hard work of many volunteers, another successful Summit Neighborhood Association yard sale was held. As usual, there was a mad rush as the gate was opened at the 9:00 post time. Offers were made and accepted, and many treasures were discovered and carted away.

This year’s yard sale profits will go to Save the Henry Bowen Anthony Fountain in Lippitt Park.