Keep valuables out of sight, police advise

Jim Kelley recently checked in with Lt. Schiavulli of our District 8 Community Police Station for recent crime trends and precautions we should take.

Despite a recent uptick in larcenies from motor vehicles, so far 2006 compares favorably to 2005. For the year through November 5, violent crime is down 51%, property crime is down 43% and other crime is down 14.5% compared to January through October of last year.

Four separate and highly visible break-ins at the Nextel store on Hope Street had neighbors worrying about a crime spree. The store was targeted for its supply of cell phones and the fact that its alarm was not working well contributed to the repeated break-ins. The police tell Jim noticeably suspicious activity prior to one of the break-ins has led to an arrest in the case. The police ask merchants to please ensure that their alarm systems are up-to-date and working. (more…)

Keep car items out of sight, police advise

This Tuesday, Sept. 5, James Kelley spoke with Lt. Schiavulli of our Community Police Station–District 8 on behalf of Summit Neighborhood Association to learn if there are any trends or recent concerns that may need extra precautions for which we should be alert. Jim will continue to be SNA’s contact for news from District 8, which you will see posted here and in Summit News from time to time.

There are three parts of Police District 8, which ranges from the Pawtucket line to Olney St, and from Blackstone Blvd. to Interstate Route 95

Despite a shooting on Pleasant St., District 8 remains a low crime area of the city. Year-to-date, through September 5, violent crime is down 50%, property crime is down 49%, and all other crime is down 18%. Noteworthy is that the rash “break and grab” from motor vehicles is down significantly. The Lieutenant. hopes that people are heeding the advice to keep items left in cars out of plain view. This is particularly important as we approach the holiday season.

Please follow the link for detailed neighborhood crime data for the last month and year to date. (more…)

Graffiti on No. Main – Police need your help

Lt. David Schiavulli, District 8 Police Commander, had one quick answer when SNA volunteer Jessica Jenner asked him what people can do to combat crime in Summit today.

“Graffiti on North Main; we need citizen help,” the Lieutenant told Jessica, “Graffiti is generally created by juveniles, who may be active any time of the day or night. If you see someone with a spray can or fat marker, call the Police Department emergency number 272-1111. “

Who is dumping their oil in Summit?

A neighbor has brought to the Board’s attention what may be a local car service station dumping their used oil on our streets. I checked it out before the snow fell. You can clearly see the stains.
Oil dumping stains Jan 06 - M.Tuck
The neighbor says, and it seems as though, someone in a truck drives up and down the streets with a open bucket just letting the oil drip and pour out. Pouring on east-to-west streets that drain well, Dexterdale and Edgehill, and not pouring on Summit and Camp, which don’t run downhill. (more…)