A Mighty Wind at Hope Street Fair

Despite winds that threatened to take us, the tent we were in and our little dog Toto, too, off to Oz all afternoon, about 59.5 neighbors stopped by the Summit Neighborhood Association table at the Hope Street Fair on Sunday (Oct. 16), judging by the number of citizen’s sticky dots attached to our oh-so-scientific poll-taking machinery. (Everyone got two votes, 119 were cast). That’s not counting our mayor, who declined to vote, saying, “I think Providence is a wonderful city.”

For the record, “walkability” and “environment” topped the count with 33 and 32 dots respectively. The modest total of 10 dots on “auto impacts” hardly reflects the depth of resident feeling, pro and con, about those traffic-calming bumpouts on Hope, Lorimer, Hillside, and, soon, Summit. (more…)