Neighbors form committee on Hillside property

More than 40 residents attended an SNA-sponsored meeting on the future of the former Hillside Health Center between Chace and Hillside Avenues on August 10. The nursing home entered bankruptcy in 2003 and was forced to close its doors in June of 2004. Neighbors are concerned about how future use of the property will help or harm the neighborhood.

At the meeting, neighbors formed a new, SNA-affiliated working committee, chaired by John Smithers of Hillside Ave, to represent neighborhood interests in the re-development of the large complex. The new committee will monitor developments at Hillside, including current court cases and future regulatory proceedings, keep neighbors informed and aware and advocate for re-using the Hillside buildings in ways that are most appropriate to our residential neighborhood.

To learn more about the committee or to share information about the Hillside Health Center, please contact John Smithers: (401) 751-2505 or by email:

Read the full notes of the Hillside Committee meetings here. (more…)

Picture a Better Providence

As part of the Providence Tomorrow planning process, city officials have asked residents to say what they like and what they would like to change about our city. Pictures can tell the story better than words, so they also want to see your pictures of the good and the not-so-good.

We think this is a great idea. We encourage you to share your pictures of the city with city officials. We also encourage you to share them with your neighbors – to spur discussion, generate enthusiasm for the planning process, and share different perspectives.

We’re using Flickr to collect pictures of things we like about the city and things we think could be improved. Using Flickr, you can:

  • Comment on and discuss photos
  • Annotate photos
  • Tag photos on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis

If you have a Flickr account (it’s free), simply tag your pictures as “pvd_tmrw_good” or “pvd_tmrw_bad”.

SNA is also providing an easy way to submit pictures using email. Simply email one picture at a time to one of the following addresses:


Include the Title of the photo as the subject line, and some identifying information in the body of the email. You can even use your cameraphone to send pictures to these email addresses.

You can view the photos and discuss the Providence Tomorrow photos here:

Providence Center acquires Brick Manor

The Providence Center, which helps adults, children and adolescents who are affected by mental health difficulties, is in the process of acquiring and taking over operation of  the Brick Manor, an asslsted living residence for elderly people and disabled adults at 29 Ninth Street (between Highland and North Main Street). Brick Manor has been family-owned and operated for some time. Neighbor Amy Harrington met with Providence Center Director, Dale K. Klatzker, Ph.D., to discuss the changeover on July 20.

Amy says Brick Manor has been a good neighbor over the years and that residents, some of whom have mental disorders, have been good neighbors for the most part, too. She has a few concerns about tossed cigarette butts, employee parking, general upkeep and late night noise as staff leave or get picked up. Dr. Klatzker told Amy that certain regulations will mean that six fewer people will be living there, but that neighbors should see very few differences. Dr. Klatzker has named Joe Bennet to be the manager of the Ninth Street facility. Amy will check back with Mr. Bennet in a couple of weeks after he takes over as manager.

SNA Yard sale beats the weather

Tiki - Yard Sale 2006

Hundreds of neighbors and visitors purchased almost $2,000 worth of donated goods at Summit Neighborhood Association’s Annual Yard Saturday, May 20, a week later than originally scheduled due to the torrential rains of the last week.

The results were a fine reward for many weeks of effort by our peerless Yard Sale coodinators Truck Drivin’ Connie Chesbrough and Michelle “The Yard Sale Runs Itself” Tuck. They were backed up by SNA’s large team of volunteer haulers, toters, pricers, sorters and sellers. Thank you all very much.

We owe our success to the many generous neighbors who donated useful and marketable items ranging from a china set to a sectional sofa. Not to mention lots and lots of books, thanks largely to the generous sharing of the Friends of Rochambeau Library.

SNA Yard Sale Postponed to May 20th

Due to the sogginess, the Annual SNA Yard Sale at the Church of the Redeemer was postponed until Saturday May 20th at 9  AM. The weather forecast looks good for Saturday, so please come out, have some fun, find some treasures, and support your neighborhood !