Celebrate Providence! in Lippitt Park

The City has announced their schedule for the Celebrate Providence! Neighborhood Performing Arts Series. July features Lippitt Park. This program brings music, dance and theatre into neighborhood parks throughout the city. All events are free and open to the public. More information about all of the events may be found at: www.providenceri.com/ArtCultureTourism/.

The Celebrate Providence! Neighborhood Performing Arts Series will present entertainment in Lippitt Park every Thursday in July at 6:30pm. The series will begin on July 5 with The Gnomes, performing an energetic blend of Celtic and World Music. The Gnomes are made up of Cathy Clasper Torch, Phil Edmonds, Ron Schmitt, Otis Read and Peter Breen. On July 12 the AS220 Broad Street Studio Rhode Show will perform an original 40-minute Hip-Hop influenced body of work, with pieces capturing the ideas, talents, and perspectives of the young people living in the city of Providence.

On July 19 the Providence Black Repertory Company will present the Youngblood Brass Band, professional artists performing in New Orleans backline and Parade traditions. The Youngblood Brass Band is focused on creating consistently progressive, acoustic, groundbreaking music, employing whatever sonic means necessary to do so.

On July 26, the Mt. Hope Learning Center will present Old School, New School, a performance of music, historical narration and spoken word pieces involving neighborhood residents and professional performers. The performances will include producer Sylvia Ann Soares, blues guitarist/vocalist Agus Winangun, pianist Paul Bisch, and youth performers.

Additionally, on August 26 from 11am to 3pm, the Jewish Community Center of Rhode Island will host “Lower East Side Comes to Providence East Side” in Lippitt Park, where it will offer activities and entertainment for all ages. There will be dancing, music, food, and local merchants at this community event.


Updated: 16th Annual Summit Neighborhood Yard Sale

The yard sale was a big success ! Thanks to everyone who helped, donated, or found bargains !

The Big 16th annual SNA yard sale is coming up on Saturday, May 12th (Raindate is the following Sat., May 19th). As always, it will be held on the front lawn of the Church of the Redeemer at 655 Hope St.

The yard sale is SNA’s biggest fundraiser each year and funds our newsletter expenses. It takes a big effort to pull off and we sorely need volunteers. Though there is work involved, it is actually a fun time to meet neighborhood volunteers, and Summit residents who stop by to help, to chat, donate, browse and buy some treasures. (more…)

New RIPTA eFares and eFareboxes on buses

Good news for RIPTA riders of today and tomorrow. RIPTA is introducing magnetic cards and smart cards that can be used instead of cash when you get on the bus, and (in the future) will be recharge-able on the bus. Since RIPTA drivers can’t make change, having some alternative way to pay for your ride seems like a great idea.


Hillside Health building still in limbo

John Smithers and neighbors near the former Hillside Health Center continue to monitor the bankruptcy court process that will determine whether and when the facility can be sold and re-developed.

This week John spoke with Attorney Rick Land of the receiver, Winograd, Shine & Zacks, P.C. and learned the following:

1) The Hillside Center has not been sold;More…

2) The unconditional offer (no use specified) from Davenport is the offer that is presently before the Court;

a) The original Davenport bid was for 3.2 million dollars, it was never acted upon because of the Suburban Mortgage issue;

3) Davenport and other bidders do not have to indicate their intended use, if zoning variances are required for their proposed business model then they are required to go before the Zoning Board for those variances, this would typically occur AFTER the sale (thus the “unconditional” bids);

a) Previously other Nursing Home operators were interested but one cannot speculate as to their current level of interest nor their desire to compete with the Davenport bid;

4) Instead of the Hearing scheduled for May 1st the Judge will hold a Conference with the Receiver (Winograd, Shine & Zacks, P.C.);

a) During which the Judge will hear the Receiver’s recommendation to solicit bids for the property;

b) Attorney Land suspects this will result in an auction type setting at a later date where all bidders will openly compete for acquisition of the property;

John will speak with Attorney Land on May 2nd to learn the outcomes of the Conference and provide an update.

January crime report for Summit

The Summit Neighborhood Association checked-in recently with Lt. Sciavulli of our Community Police Station—District 8 to learn if there were any trends or recent concerns  for which we should be alert.
Following the [despicable] tire slashing at the end of December, crime appears to have moderated in January in sub-district 8-3 (largely the Summit area) with two exceptions: There were three robberies. Two of these robberies were at the Hess gas station, allegedly by the same person. This person was arrested. Additionally there were 10 larcenies from motor vehicles (these occur on the street and in driveways) as pocket-change and electronic devices out in the open entice the criminals.
Here is the Providence Police crime report for Subdistrict 8-3 for January 1 through January 28: (more…)

Carriage House offers dance, theater for your kids

Everett Dance Theatre’s Carriage House School announces its class offerings for the 2006-2007 season, for youth aged 6 and above. Classes range from improvisational acting, hip hop dance, ballet, and Polynesian dance. We also offer a performing arts mentorship program, with training in writing, film making, acting, and special projects. Classes are taught by the professional artists of Everett Dance Theatre, a nationally acclaimed multimedia performing arts company now celebrating it’s twentieth anniversary in Providence.

Admission is on an ongoing basis, with classes beginning September 11. All classes are $10 a piece, with reduced prices available for low-income families. No serious student is turned away for lack of funds. The Carriage House is located at 7 Duncan Avenue, Providence RI, just off North Main Street.

NOTE: The Carriage House is a lovely and surprising little theater tucked behind some North Main businesses. Please support this neighborhood arts resource!

Please follow the link for schedule information: (more…)

Keep car items out of sight, police advise

This Tuesday, Sept. 5, James Kelley spoke with Lt. Schiavulli of our Community Police Station–District 8 on behalf of Summit Neighborhood Association to learn if there are any trends or recent concerns that may need extra precautions for which we should be alert. Jim will continue to be SNA’s contact for news from District 8, which you will see posted here and in Summit News from time to time.

There are three parts of Police District 8, which ranges from the Pawtucket line to Olney St, and from Blackstone Blvd. to Interstate Route 95 http://www.providencepolice.com/stats/mapbook/8.pdf

Despite a shooting on Pleasant St., District 8 remains a low crime area of the city. Year-to-date, through September 5, violent crime is down 50%, property crime is down 49%, and all other crime is down 18%. Noteworthy is that the rash “break and grab” from motor vehicles is down significantly. The Lieutenant. hopes that people are heeding the advice to keep items left in cars out of plain view. This is particularly important as we approach the holiday season.

Please follow the link for detailed neighborhood crime data for the last month and year to date. (more…)

Zoning Board says “no” to second driveway

The Providence Zoning Board of Review refused to grant a variance to build a second driveway at a house at 170-174 Fourth Street on August 22. SNA argued against the variance, the second parking-related variance requested and refused for this property in the last year. Former SNA Board member Bonnie Robison mobilized neighbors to oppose the variance. Two neighbors spoke at the hearing and 14 more expressed opposition by letter or petition. (more…)