Neighbors Champion Pocket Park on Morris

The Parks Department agreed to several immediate improvements to the little park on Morris Avenue at a meeting on March 8 at the home of Megan Gardner and Tim Merrish. The City will wait for more advice from a meeting of residents planned for April on a number of additional changes to be made this year Summit Neighborhood Association will also spread the word and stands ready to help as requested. (more…)

Who is dumping their oil in Summit?

A neighbor has brought to the Board’s attention what may be a local car service station dumping their used oil on our streets. I checked it out before the snow fell. You can clearly see the stains.
Oil dumping stains Jan 06 - M.Tuck
The neighbor says, and it seems as though, someone in a truck drives up and down the streets with a open bucket just letting the oil drip and pour out. Pouring on east-to-west streets that drain well, Dexterdale and Edgehill, and not pouring on Summit and Camp, which don’t run downhill. (more…)

Miriam landscaping update

Last Wednesday 5/25/05 there was a meeting of the landscaping committee at Miriam. Below are some notes I took.

8th Street Landscaping
Elms are looking good. Miriam is working with the city on attempts to get trees planted on the house-side of 8th street.

Plan for a 6 foot wrought iron fence on Highland with a rolling gate. They have contracted with MON landscaping for this work, but do not have a schedule yet. Hoped it would be done by “end of summer”.

4th Street in front of Rise building
Plan to replace sidewalk, and add trees, and similar wrought iron fence. This has also been contracted with ON landscaping for this work, but do not have a schedule yet. Hoped it would be done by “end of summer”.

Future Landscaping Plans
Since landscaping around the front/sides of main campus will wait for completion of construction, possibilities for next phase of landscaping work are the Fain building, and the parking lot on 3rd street. No decision was made as to which should be a priority. There will be another landscaping meeting in 3(?) months.

The presentation included a number of landscaping images and architectural renderings of the new building, which I thought would be nice to have available on SNA website. I asked Monica if she could provide electronic copies of these images, and she said she would look into it. I tried to followup with her, but I keep getting bounce-back emails from

Kind Regards,
–Quentin McMullin, SNA Board member