First public meeting on community gardening to be held this Sunday

Two meetings have been set for initial discussions on community gardening in Lippitt Park. The first will be held this Sunday, August 22 at 5pm. The second will be held Sunday, September 19 at 6pm. Both meetings will be held at Summit Commons (99 Hillside Ave).

The meetings were set and will be lead by Summit neighbor June Daniel, who is an individual interested in creating community gardening in Lippitt Park. She has been in contact with the city on this issue and hopes to move forward with the project. Recognizing that other neighbors and community members will have concerns on the issue, she is hosting the two meetings to provide a forum for those concerns, as well as to allow people to speak up in support of the project.

We hope that this short notice will not prevent attendance at the first meeting. Contact was only made with the meeting’s host today, and we are sending out word as timely as possible.

At this time, SNA as a whole has not taken a position on this project. We are waiting to hear more from our neighbors on the issue. We urge you to show up at one or both of these meetings to make your voice heard. We will be doing the same individually.

Community Gardening In Summit

Several neighbors have approached the SNA Board recently with requests to start one or more community gardens in our neighborhood.  We’re very excited about the possibility, but it’s a complicated project and we’re just beginning to get things off the ground.

We want to make the planning process as open as possible, so we’ll be announcing a series of public meetings where everyone can take part. In the meantime, please share your thoughts by commenting on this post.

Next SNA Board meeting July 16 – East Coast Greenway Project

Summit Neighborhood Association’s next public board meeting will be held Monday, July 16 at 7PM in the Community Room downstairs at the Rochambeau Branch of the Providence Public Library, 708 Hope Street.

Eric Weiss RI organizer of the East Coast Greenway Project will join us to talk about the future of bike routes on the East Side, including his proposal to make Blackstone Boulevard bike and pedestrian friendly. Blackstone will be the planned route connecting the Pawtucket end of the Lincoln Bike Path to India Point and the East Bay Bike Path.
Eric will also talk about the potential for bike lanes and off-road greenways along the North Main and Moshassuck River corridors. The Moshassuck, which runs through North Burial Ground and along Rt. 95 was the actual path of the old Blackstone Canal which the Lincoln path follows for most of its length.

For more information, or to request time on the agenda, please call Jonathan Howard 331.2272.

Free trees – request by June 15

The Providence Neighborhood Planting Program has pushed its deadline to request free street trees for the fall planting season back two weeks to June 15. Any group of 5 or more neighbors may apply for up to 20 trees for planting between the sidewalk and the street. PNPP delivers the trees. The applying neighbors help plant them and agree to water and care for the trees.

Trees help cool your home and the entire street and add to the market value of a house. They also remove planet-warming carbon from the air and reduce storm water pollution of Narragansett Bay in heavy rains.

For an application, visit the Providence Neighborhood Planting Program web site: or e-mail Nina Ridhibhinyo at

Miriam moves date of parking meeting

Miriam Hospital has moved the date of the neighborhood Parking Meeting (see below) to April 19 to avoid conflicts with public meetings on the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

The hospital has provided this schedule of upcoming events:

Landscaping Meeting

Tuesday, April 17th 6:30-8:30pm in the Fain Building second floor Lecture Hall.

This meeting is being held solely to discuss the landscaping that will accompany the completion of the new Clinical Services Building.

Please call 401 793 4040 to RSVP your attendance at this meeting.

Neighborhood Parking Meeting

Please join us on April 19th at 6:30pm at the Rochambeau Library Community Room to discuss issues related to parking.  The Miriam Hospital has hired Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc as parking consultants to help us plan for our future parking needs in an effort to reduce hospital parking that affects the neighborhood.

Representatives from the firm of Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) will lead this meeting.  Members of The Miriam Hospital Parking Committee will also be present.

Neighborhood Tree Planting

Our newest and leafiest members of the neighborhood will be planted on Friday, April 27th.  New trees are being placed on sections of Third, Seventh and Eighth Streets beginning at 9am on that Friday.  Please call Monica Anderson @ 401 793 4040 if you are available to lend a helping hand!


Questions or comments?

Please call the Miriam Hospital Neighborhood Hotline at 401 793 4040 or email us at


New trees need water buddies

The new trees planted in the spaces created by the traffic-calming curb extensions installed last year are thirsty. A growing tree needs 3 to 5 gallons of water 2 or 3 times a week. Unfortunately, the city’s landscaping contract evidently does not include that kind of maintainance.

New street trees are most vulnerable during this first year. If you live within hose or bucket distance of one of these saplings, you will accumulate positive karma and the quiet gratitude of the neighborhood by giving them a little liquid attention during your regular yard maintenance.

If this is something you can do, it would be great if you would reply to this post and mention the location of the tree you will be watching over. Thanks very much.

New Street Trees at CVS

Last week, the City of Providence Parks Department showed up and installed 4 new street trees, 2 on Hope and 2 on Lauriston. These new trees were in response to SNA protests to the removal of the mature street tree that was in front of the CVS sign. Having four immature trees doesn’t replace one beautiful mature one, but with care and time these trees will add to the beauty and character of Summit.

Our thanks to Doug Still, the City Forester, who took the initiative to have the trees put in this planting season !

Meanwhile, please join your neighbors to protect and guard the street trees, both new and mature, that we have here. It only takes one turn of the head and slip of the saw to lose something that took 20 years to grow !

Note: this post previously stated that CVS planted the trees. This was incorrect. Apologies for any confusion.