The Mount Hope Neighborhood Association, Summit Neighborhood Association, and Observatory Neighborhood Association, in collaboration with the Providence Cultural Equity Initiative, are pleased to present two free local candidate events for the 2018 election. Facebook event here.

All local candidates for election in these neighborhoods who **face a primary** will be invited. Based on the candidates who have declared, this means declared Democratic candidates who make the ballot for the following races are invited:
-R.I. House District 4 (state representative – open seat)
-R.I. Senate District 6 (state senate – incumbent Sen. Harold Metts)
-Providence mayor (incumbent Mayor Jorge Elorza)

This first event, 7/26 – 6-8:30pm, will be an “Un-Debate” format, wherein candidates provide brief introductions and the focus of the event is for members of the community to voice their concerns and questions while the candidates listen carefully. This is a chance for the candidates to learn more about the needs of the community they seek to represent. Candidates are encouraged to take notes and consider their stances over the following two weeks in advance of the second event. Folks may remember this format from the 2017 city council special election.

The second event, on 8/9 – 6-8:30pm, will be a traditional moderated debate. Themes raised during the Un-Debate will be used to craft debate questions for candidates.

We encourage folks to attend both events. However, if you are unable to attend the Un-debate to raise your concerns or questions, we’re happy to hear them via email, and we may use them as debate questions for the second event.

Both events will be from 6-8:30pm at MLK Elementary at 35 Camp Street. Free childcare will be provided during the event, and light refreshments will be served.

We hope to also host a separate fall general election event which will include the independents who make the ballot (no Republicans declared by the filing deadline).

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