July Lippitt Park Events from Neighborhood Performing Arts Institute

The Neighborhood Performing Arts Institute has events scheduled throughout the summer at various locations around the city. Every Thursday night in July our own Lippitt Park will feature one of these events. Unfortunately, the schedule information is buried on the city’s website in a PDF file (click here to download it) which means that exactly three people will find out about them if we don’t help spread the word.

In an effort to make the information just a little bit more accessible, here is the Lippitt Park schedule for July.

  • Jump, Inc. July 7 @ 6PM
  • Mark Binder July 14th @ 6PM
  • The Door of No Return (by Nehassaiu DeGannes) July 21 @ 6PM
  • Pendragon July 28 @ 6PM

There aren’t any details from the Neighborhood Performing Arts Institute on what these events are (e.g. Music, Plays, etc.). So if anyone wants to add details re: these events in the comments below, please do!

Vision for Providence 2020

Providence Business News is running an article on a “20-year plan” for the city drafted by Sasaki Associates for Mayor Cicilline’s office.

The focus of “Vision for Providence 2020” is not just downtown or the riverfront, but a broader swath of land stretching from Eagle Square to Fox Point and from the State House to Thurbers Avenue, said Kathryn Madden, a principal at Sasaki and head of the project.

Read the rest of PBN’s coverage here.