Get your map! Annual Yard Sale

Registrations to sell are now closed, but everyone interested in shopping for bargains should download their SNA Annual Yard Sale map here! You can also pick up a map, and do more bargain hunting, at our central hub at the Citizens Bank parking lot on Hope Street. See you around the neighborhood on Sunday!

Annual Yard Sale!

SNA Yard Sale

The SNA Annual Yard Sale will be Sunday, September 23rd from 10am to 2pm. Sign up today to get your yard on our map! Participants set up their own yard sales with the benefit of our centralized map and publicity driving up customers. Customers who are looking for bargains can grab a map in person at our central Citizens Bank parking lot location on Hope Street, or look at one online. There may be some spaces available at the Citizens Bank lot who wish to sell centrally, or who don’t have a suitable yard. Sign up here!

Debate Night Roundup


(Photo courtesy Steve Ahlquist,

SNA was pleased to co-host a primary debate night along with the Mount Hope Neighborhood Association, Observatory Neighborhood Association, and the Providence Cultural Equity Initiative. We invited all candidates facing a primary for public office across the three neighborhoods, which included the open R.I. House District 4 seat, R.I. Senate District 6, and the Providence mayoral race. It was a hot and humid August night in the MLK Elementary cafeteria, but it was fantastic to see our diverse community and the candidates hoping to represent us coming together to talk about the future of Providence and Rhode Island.

If you missed it, Steve Ahlquist of UpriseRI has full video, neatly organized here:

House 4 (Rebecca Kislak and Mark Tracy)

Senate 6 (incumbent Sen. Harold Metts and Jonathan Hernandez)

Mayor (incumbent Mayor Jorge Elorza, Kobi Dennis, and Robert DeRobbio)

The primary election takes place September 12th, 2018. The Rhode Island Secretary of State’s office maintains a handy Voter Information Center with everything you need to know about voting.

If you found value in this event, or other events, projects, and advocacy SNA organizes, please consider supporting us by joining as a donor or renewing your membership if it’s been more than a year. Thank you!

Second Summer Outdoor Movie Night!

Our first 2018 Summer Outdoor Movie Night in Lippitt Park was a big success, and drew quite a crowd!

Next Wednesday evening, August 22nd, is the second one! It’ll start shortly after sunset, which will be 7:35pm that day.

Providence Children’s Film Festival presents a reel of short films that are about people, with passions so strong that they live, practice, or focus more effort towards their goal than anything else they know. This reel was created to get people of all ages inspired to do stuff! One story is about a young Hungarian swimmer who races faster the more she practices. Another film is of a woman who finds empowerment swimming below the ice of a frozen lake. And just as passionate is a young girl trying to protect the eggs of sea turtles on her beach. Plus many more! What’s your passionate pursuit? (All ages / multi-national / multi-lingual / some films have subtitles / running time: appx. 80 mins)

Both PASSIONATE PURSUITS and MAGIC CARPET RIDE this summer were funded through a grant from the dept of Arts, Culture & Tourism. This grant covered the costs of both the Cricket Cinema to equip the screening and the licensing fees to the Providence Children’s Film Festival to support the creation of the shorts reels.”

movie nights

Candidate Undebate a Big Success


Thanks to all who attended the Candidate Forum Un-debate last night! Steve Ahlquist caught it all on video, and took the time to sort every comment and label them for easy viewing (

Thank you, Steve! Big thanks to Mike Ritz, Executive Director of LeadershipRI, for serving as facilitator, to the Mount Hope Neighborhood Association, Observatory Neighborhood Association, and Providence Cultural Equity Initiative for the collaborative effort, and to Joan of MLK Elementary for her work preparing and closing after the event.

The followup to this event will be a debate night, moderated by WPRI’s Dan McGowan, on August 9th at 6pm at MLK Elementary and will again include free childcare and light refreshments! Our goal is to ensure we enable all members of the community to attend if they’d like, so SNA is proud to sponsor childcare providers from the Mount Hope Learning Center who did a great job caring for kids during the first event and will return for the debate night! This event will feature the primary candidates for Providence mayor (incumbent Mayor Jorge Elorza, Kobi Dennis, and Robert DeRobbio) and our own R.I. House District 4 (Mark Tracy and Rebecca Kislak), so don’t miss it!

Fane Tower – City Council Public Hearing

The City Council Ordinance Committee will hold a public hearing on the Fane luxury skyscraper proposal on Wednesday, July 18th at 5:30pm in the City Council Chamber (City Hall, 25 Dorrance Street, Third Floor).

The Council has the final say in whether the special zoning change the developer is seeking will be approved or not, and thus, they control the fate of the project. They seek a change in the allowable maximum height for buildings on that particular parcel from 100 feet to 600 feet. It’s an important meeting to attend if you have an opinion on the matter.

If you would like to provide written testimony on the proposal (in addition to or instead of attending the hearing), you may send it to Emily Martineau, City Council Chief of Staff at; and directly to Chair Terrence Hassett at

For those who haven’t followed this, Dan McGowan wrote a detailed and (I think) very fair piece in East Side Monthly this month:,27839

While the above is my attempt to provide neutral information, I personally oppose the current proposal and have heard many negative concerns from folks in the neighborhood. As such, the SNA board and I summarized these concerns in our letter to the editor in the Providence Journal and urged the Council to vote against the special zoning change, which we view as a troubling example of “spot zoning” that would set aside years of thoughtful work and public engagement that was done to develop the current zoning plan:…/letter-ethan-gyles-new-skyscrap…

If you do plan to attend the hearing — whether for or against — I’d appreciate hearing about it.

Best regards,
Ethan Gyles
President, SNA

Candidate Primary Forums – Mt. Hope/Summit/Observatory


The Mount Hope Neighborhood Association, Summit Neighborhood Association, and Observatory Neighborhood Association, in collaboration with the Providence Cultural Equity Initiative, are pleased to present two free local candidate events for the 2018 election. Facebook event here.

All local candidates for election in these neighborhoods who **face a primary** will be invited. Based on the candidates who have declared, this means declared Democratic candidates who make the ballot for the following races are invited:
-R.I. House District 4 (state representative – open seat)
-R.I. Senate District 6 (state senate – incumbent Sen. Harold Metts)
-Providence mayor (incumbent Mayor Jorge Elorza)

This first event, 7/26 – 6-8:30pm, will be an “Un-Debate” format, wherein candidates provide brief introductions and the focus of the event is for members of the community to voice their concerns and questions while the candidates listen carefully. This is a chance for the candidates to learn more about the needs of the community they seek to represent. Candidates are encouraged to take notes and consider their stances over the following two weeks in advance of the second event. Folks may remember this format from the 2017 city council special election.

The second event, on 8/9 – 6-8:30pm, will be a traditional moderated debate. Themes raised during the Un-Debate will be used to craft debate questions for candidates.

We encourage folks to attend both events. However, if you are unable to attend the Un-debate to raise your concerns or questions, we’re happy to hear them via email, and we may use them as debate questions for the second event.

Both events will be from 6-8:30pm at MLK Elementary at 35 Camp Street. Free childcare will be provided during the event, and light refreshments will be served.

We hope to also host a separate fall general election event which will include the independents who make the ballot (no Republicans declared by the filing deadline).