The following neighbors volunteered to do additional research and fact-finding at the March 16 SNA meeting on North Main Street. Each team will meet once before the large group gathers again at Sandwich Hut on North Main Street on Thursday, April 27.

Design Guide Review Team – Aaron Masri, coordinator
• Jordan Durham
• Jim Kelly
• Andy Nosal
• Susan Yond
• Grant Dulgarian
• Monica Anderson

This team will independently read the design guide created by DPD for North Main Street and consider whether it provides a framework for planning that would meet the desires of residents. (See comments above and SNA notes from the 2005 Annual Meeting and the October meeting on North Main Street).

Street Inventory Team – Michelle Tuck coordinator
• Taber French
• Gret Gerritt
• Ellen Shatter
• Claire Flynn

This team will use city records and street tours to develop a comprehensive list of property owners, commercial occupants and uses for each lot on North Main from Rochambeau Ave. North.

Developer / Retailer Contact Team, Jon Howard, coordinator
• Kelly Taylor
• Doug Itkin

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